we treat your rugs like they were our own.

Hand-wash Cleaning
Pricing Table

offering the only Full Immersion Hand-wash in Central New Hampshire

This Pricing Table is intended as a guideline.
The exact measurements of your rug (including fringe) will determine the actual price.


(ENZYME) **:


(MOTH X) :








UP TO 12 sf
$40 +$20 +$20 +$20 +$20 +$20 +$40 $80
3 X 5 $50 +$20 +$20 +$20 +$20 +$20 +$40 $80
4 X 6 $78 +$20 +$20 +$24 +$24 +$24 +$48 $126
5 X 7 $114 +$35 +$35 +$35 +$35 +$35 +$70 $184
5 X 8 $130 +$40 +$40 +$40 +$40 +$40 +$80 $210
6 X 9 $175 +$54 +$54 +$54 +$54 +$54 +$104 $283
8 X 10 $260 +$80 +$80 +$80 +$80 +$80 +$160 $420
9 X 12 $350 +$108 +$108 +$108 +$108 +$108 +$216 $567
10 X 14 $455 +$140 +$140 +$140 +$140 +$140 +$280 $735
2'6 X 8 $65 +$20 +$20 +$20 +$20 +$20 +$40 $105
2'6 X 12 $98 +$30 +$30 +$30 +$30 +$30 +$60 $157


*rugs that require full attention front and back (for example, a kilim, flatweave or braid that has been reversed and foot traffic soiled on both sides) have additional costs (see sponge/wash both sides). If treating only one side (basic wash only), above applies.

If you have a kilim, flatweave or braid that requires a TREATMENT, both sides must be attended to; washing one side is no longer an option, even if one side never saw foot traffic. The treatment also needs to be applied to each side rather than one, so costs are higher. For example, a 5x8 braided rug would run $130 if just getting a basic wash on one side. That same rug, with one treatment (enzyme, live moth, deodorizing, moth repel or mildew restore) goes to $290.
If two treatments were needed, it goes to $370.

Rugs that are 50% or more Silk, Viscose (aka Art Silk) or Mercerized Cotton or are particularly thick, like a Flokati, or have a hide, like a sheepskin, are priced higher due to they way they need to be handled. Rugs that are known bleeders and any kind of Navajo rug also falls into this special handling wash. Pricing is above (see Sponge Wash) and applies to everything just noted.

Additional charges will apply for soiling that requires pre-spotting attention or situations of animal vomit and/or excrement.
Additional charges will apply when a fringe is particularly dirty and needs multiple treatments.
Additional charges will apply when a rug is full of sand/dirt and needs additional beatings.

You will need our Enzyme treatment if there has been animal elimination on the rug - the urine needs a specific enzyme treatment to be removed. Left untreated, the odor will just bloom in the wash and then be nearly impossible to eliminate. **for SEVERE urine contamination, additional charges will apply. Cleaner will determine what is severe and advise us before continuing work on that piece.

You should consider the Deodorizing / Odor Removal treatment if your rug sees a lot of animal traffic - the oil they leave behind if they sleep on the rug can get very smelly. It's also great on rugs that may have been stored in a basement or similar and have gotten musty. (we're not shy - we'll let you know if we think Odor Removal/Deodorizing is required). If there is actual mold or mildew, that is a seperate Restore treatment.


If you have spotting on your rug, often the typical wash will not remove them and they need to be specifically addressed and treated prior to cleaning, similar to pre-treating a spot on a garment before laundering it. If the marks are water based, we have had good success in removing them. If wine based, we have also had good success in removing the marks, even with red wine. If the origin is unknown, oil based, from rust or has been there for some time, we can attempt to remove it with the pre-spotting treatment, but the success rate is not as high. The quality of the rug will also determine what spots can and can't be well removed. The rule of thumb is that "Spots can be treated and usually removed, but Stains are permanent". If it is due to pet urine, those are usually stains and not spots. In rug making, many (synthetic) dyes used are acetic. Urine, as it dries, become alkaline. This sudden change, from acetic to alkaline, creates a burning effect of the dye that causes your rug/carpet to yellow, or brown. A urine stain is not a spot like spilled soda, but rather a chemical reaction in the dye and is often a permanent reaction. Coffee and Tea are also known dyestuffs as they are used to naturally dye fabric etc. Spills of coffee and tea are often (permanent) stains, not spots. The faster you can treat spills of this nature at home with blotting up the liquid, the better. We have seen people who had berry bushes near their entry and the berries were getting tracked into the house. Again, berries can be used as a natural dye and will probably be stains and not spots. Our cleaner is very well educated in spot and stain removal and has a number of products at their disposal to treat accordingly, but they are not miracle workers. There is a certain threshold of aggression that they will comfortably use when treating spots; too much and they run the risk of permanently changing the fibers and marring the rug further. If you would like them to be aggressive with spot removal from the start, you will need to approve that in writing. Spot and/or Stain removal is not guaranteed, even with the pre-spot treatment. However, every reasonable effort will be made to remove spots without damaging the fibers.

Please note the minimum charge for wash ($40) applies to rugs 12 Square Feet or under (ie: 2 x 3, 2'6 x 4, 3 x 4, 2 x 6).
The minimum charge for treatments ($20) applies to rugs that are under 17 Square Feet.

If your rug is an oval or round and above the minimum charge for size, we will calculate Square Footage so you only pay for the actual rug. For example, an 8x10 would normally be 80 SF, but if it is oval shaped, it would be calculated as 68 SF, while a round would be 63 SF.

We offer free local (Concord) pick-up & delivery, and can wash all types of rugs: new, antique, hooked, flat-weaves, braided, tufted*, machine-made, hand-knotted as well as all types of fibers: wool, cotton and synthetics. We can wash silk or rugs that are bleeders as well, but the costs are higher (see SPONGE WASH). Please note, the entire rug must be washed - it cannot be "spot cleaned" or odor /urine removed in soiled / specific areas only. You may call and schedule an appointment for pick-up at 225-5512; outside of Concord we charge $0.25 per mile, in each direction, to cover our fuel expense. Please kindly note that your rug(s) should be readily available at the time of pick up - meaning rolled or folded and ready to go into the van. If you need to keep it layed out to show us areas for repair or spot removal, that's fine. If you have an unusually large or heavy/thick rug, please advise that when you call so a hand-cart can be brought. If you have live moth activity, please advise that so it can be bagged, if not already done, and not contaminate other pieces. Please also note we are a small shop - there is only one person coming to pick up the rug and not a team of movers; he does not move furniture or tv's, he does not bring rugs up or down the stairs.

For rugs involved where there was a fire, please give us a call, 603-225-5512.


*Regularly washing certain types of rugs, specifically Hand or Gun-Tufted, or Hand or Gun-Hooked rugs - will shorten the lifespan of those rugs, rather than extend it. These types of rugs are easily identified by a glued cotton backing. They have a rather short lifespan anyhow, typically only 5 to 10 years. The yarn is secured into the mesh it was gunned into with latex. Latex deteriorates in time naturally anyway (often smells like sulfur, sometimes just turns into a very fine powder) and it is not water friendly. We cannot fully immerse gun-made rugs for that reason. We will get your rug clean, get urine out etc. but with these types of rugs, having them washed often 'just because' is not recommended. {Regular washing of hand-knotted rugs however, does extend the life of the rug and is recommended.}

Read about the process for both Wash and Treatments, which also includes Wash Schedule information.


We treat your rugs like they were our own.

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