we treat your rugs like they were our own.

Cleaning, Repair
& Appraisal Schedule

offering the only Full Immersion Hand-wash in Central New Hampshire

We do all of our outside services on the same day; in addition to our rug & carpet wash, we're meeting with our Certified Appraiser, if needed,
and our expert Rug Repairer as well. Please also use the schedule below for those services.

Wash Schedule:
Rugs are cleaned over a period that lasts approximately 3-4 weeks. If your rug comes to us the day or week we're picking up clean rugs/dropping off dirty rugs, you may be without your rug for nearly 6 weeks, so please use this schedule as a guideline of when we expect to make our next trip.

in by Wednesday, June 19th, 5pm

Assuming no major repairs, major urine or moths, these should be ready Thursday, July 18th.

TU - FRI*: 10 - 5, SA: 10 - 2*.
*CLOSED DURING MARKET DAYS: thurs 20/fri 21/sat 22

We have direct parking in front of the store, but the bus stop we used for wash drop off / pick up was eliminated in the Main St. redesign.

We now use our basement for this. You can access the back entrance on Kennedy Lane (a one-way street NOT accessible from Pleasant St. Ext.).

Off of North Main, go down Depot St (a one-way, between Caring Gifts & Speers Jewelers). Kennedy Lane is on the right.

We are the only garage door on the block, it has Little River signage and a doorbell. It is between Siam Orchid's back entrance and Flag Works.
If you would like a visual, click here. {GPS: 16 Kennedy Lane Concord NH 03301 for back access}
Please note this alley area is strictly for the convenience of quick 'drop off' / 'pick up' only.
It is a narrow, one-way street that cannot be blocked and there is no public parking.
If you need to come upstairs and into the store, please drop your rug(s) and then find a legal parking spot on the other streets or in a garage.
You do not need to come up to the store for us to process payment a credit card payment; you can stay with your vehicle while we do that upstairs.

Full Immersion Hand Wash information:
the Process
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We treat your rugs like they were our own.



lror@nhrugs.com . click below to start an email!

10 N Main St, Concord, NH 03301
(right in the heart of downtown, on the block between Pleasant and Depot)