Your wedding day isn't ordinary, and neither are our rugs.


A cherished family heirloom, passed from generation to generation.

Are you a Bride-to-be? Is someone special in your life getting married?

Commemorate with a wedding rug!

A Wedding rug will become one of the most treasured gifts to give or receive. It is an opportunity for the most significant people in the couple's lives to show that they support and celebrate their union.


During the ceremony, the couple stands upon the Wedding rug as they recite their vows and promises. After the ceremony, they take it with them to their home. As they weave a new life together, the rug will travel with them, a beautiful daily reminder of their special day and the promises exchanged.


If you have a blended family, this is a wonderful way to include children. Have them place the rug at the start of the ceremony, signifying the beginning of your new family. Perhaps there is someone extra special, a person you would like to include in your ceremony; asking them to place the rug would be a wonderful way to bestow honor and respect to an important person in your life.


A Wedding rug will become a cherished family heirloom, passed from generation to generation. Start this wonderful tradition now, so that someday, your own children and grandchildren can marry standing upon the same rug. Wouldn't it be wonderful if your Grandparents were offering their Wedding rug to you?


While it began as a Wedding rug, continue to use it wherever vows and promises are spoken: Baptisms, Confirmations, Bar Mitzvah's, vow renewals. Use it at a future wedding ceremony as the 'something borrowed' or 'something old' (and maybe even the 'something blue!'). And of course, use it daily in your home!


Symbolically, the use of a wedding rug wishes that the newly wed couple should have wealth and prosperity, never needing to face poverty standing on a bare earthen floor.


Your wedding day isn't ordinary, and neither are our rugs. Our vegetable dyed, hand-knotted wool rugs are created by refugee tribal weavers, each rug one-of-a-kind. Loaded with history and symbolism, every rug tells a story. Start a collection to commemorate major events in your life: new jobs, new homes, births, anniversaries. Each rug will hold special memories and associations, and you'll have your own stories for each one. Created for you... by hand... one knot at a time.


Any rug can be a Wedding rug - it can an be small, just big enough for the couple to stand upon. Or select a runner, long enough for the wedding party to also be included. Or go a little bigger, a 4x6 or 5x7, which will look stunning in your wedding pictures, and be the right size to use at home in a foyer or under a coffee table.


Want to really make this commemorative rug extra special? One of our expert repair persons can alter the rug so that your inititials, the date, whatever it is that is important to you, can be knotted right into the piece. Cost for this is extra and lead time may be a month or more, so please plan accordingly.

View our entire selection in the rug gallery, ask us to find a special size/coloration for you, or create a custom rug!

Looking for the perfect wedding gift? We also offer Gift Certificates in any denomination, allowing the couple to select the rug that is right for them.

Wedding rugs: exceptional reminders of an extraordinary day!

Created for you... by hand... one. knot. at. a. time.


What's knot to love?


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