rugs are artwork for the floor. they act as the frame in defining the space.

Rug & Room

What size rug do I need? We get that question quite a bit.
A rug should be used as the focal point and size does matter when creating a well balanced room.

The rule of thumb of open space to rug is this:
the rug should be a minimum of six inches, but no more than two feet, away from the wall.

When it is possible, we will advise to start with selecting the rug first. It becomes the foundation from where the rest of the room comes from: you can readily choose paint colors, select upholstery and find accents like throws, pillows and paintings to complete the decor.
When folks select a rug as the final component, we often hear "I never would have ________________ (insert: painted my walls that color, bought that sofa, custom made those drapes....) if I had found this rug first!"

We do encourage you to 'try them on for size' before making any investments.
It has been our experience that none of our customers have come back in to say "That rug ended up being too large for that room and we moved it somewhere else. Can we look at something smaller?" Even with the in-home trial, we do however hear on occasion: "That rug ended up feeling too small for the room and we moved it somewhere else. Can we look at the next size up?"


We've put together some examples of how you might arrange furniture in a living or family room / den and bedroom (king & queen beds), and how commonly sized rugs will proportionately relate to the layout. This is just a starting guide, as you think about how you want the room to look. A smaller rug tends to float, while a larger rug anchors the furniture to the rug and makes the room visually cohesive. When space and budget allows, bigger is usually better. We would recommend that furniture be at least partially anchored atop of your rug. Feel free to print these out as you begin the rug selection process!

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