no matter what color rug you select, it will be green.

Sustainable Style

made in the traditional method: vegetable dyed, handspun wool, handknotted, river washed and sun dried.

Little River Oriental Rugs is proud to support Sustainable Style through our selection of rugs that use hand-carded and hand-spun native wools, that are dyed with native vegetal matter, and are river washed and sun dried.


Wool is rapidly renewable and biodegradable, and our 100% wool yarns produce a high-quality and eco-friendly area rug. Our use of plant-based dyes, also renewable, is a testament to the most traditional method of coloring fiber.


No matter what color rug you select at Little River, it will be "green"!

We offer EcoNet™, the only sustainable rug pad, which is made of natural rubber and jute. {They also plant a tree for every pad sold.}


We also offer a thicker needle punch felt pad {Magic Pad} which is made from recycled textile products and provides a little more cushion underfoot. This felt pad is suitable for wall-to-wall carpeting as well as hard surface flooring.


Rug pads serve many functions: they hold rugs safely in place, they protect your rug and your floor, and they help to prevent premature wear.

Our full immersion hand-wash cleaning is also environmentally friendly and non-toxix.


We see a lot of old rugs come in for servicing - and it is such a delight to see how well a good, quality piece holds up to the wear and tear of everyday use. By maintaining and repairing these older rugs, you can help to ensure that these works of art are enjoyed for many generations - these can certainly be heirloom pieces! (Think of how many poor quality rugs one house could go through in a lifetime if they needed to be replaced every few years! It's no wonder over FOUR BILLION pounds of carpet are discarded in the US every year, most of that going into landfills.)


Rugs from LROR: A Green Investment

~integrity, sustainability, beauty~



We are proud to be Socially & Globally responsible


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